What kind of memory care do I want for my family?

The above question is how Eden Memory Care came to be. We have firsthand personal experience as to what it’s like to be a family member looking for help and support in the memory care arena.

We envision a homelike environment that allows residents to continue living in comfort with dignity and respect. A place where families have full assurance that their loved one is receiving the best possible life and care.


Our trained staff provides continuous care with 24-hour monitoring and observation for changes in physical, mental, emotional and social functioning. Our care program is custom-designed to be patient-centered based on individual needs.

Stimulating and Secure Leisure-Time Activities

Every day we offer a variety of activities throughout the day to engage residents with stimulating and enjoyable activities. Our offerings include everything from singing songs from the past, dancing, crafting to playing games, solving puzzles, watching movies, and more.

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Our activities are designed to help our residents enjoy themselves while at the same time providing additional benefits. Physical exercise helps residents build or maintain muscle strength and balance. Puzzles, games, brain trivia and similar activities help cognition and build self-confidence. Other activities provide opportunities to reconnect with memories from the past. Art, music and gardening offer our residents an opportunity to have a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of purpose. All of our offerings enhance the lives of our residents.

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Healthy, Nutritious Meals and Snacks

Food is an important part of life at Eden Memory Care. We provide tasty meals and snacks for our residents prepared by our chef who studies the nutritional benefits of foods. Our meals and snacks are not only healthy, they also include those foods best known for supporting brain health and healthy aging. Snacks are provided throughout the day and are accompanied by opportunities to chat and socialize.

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We also provide beverages throughout the day to ensure that residents stay hydrated. Older dementia residents may have trouble recognizing thirst, yet hydration is very important at this stage of life.

Some of our residents have special dietary needs. Our culinary team works to provide healthy and tasty alternatives for those with special needs. Be sure to let us know if your loved one has food allergies or certain dietary requirements.

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Specialized in Dementia and Memory Impairment Care: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Others

We take care to ensure that our staff members have the training necessary to provide our residents with excellent care. Our team members are not just leaders in their fields, continuing education ensures that they stay on top of new trends and methodologies in caring for residents living with dementia.

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They continue to enhance their education and training through certification programs. This means our residents always receive high quality care from people who are dedicated to their profession. Our team members enjoy working with the residents and each one is committed to providing genuine caring and respectful service. Our commitment is to the families and residents’ needs.

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Dementia Care Certification Program That Exceeds State Standards

Many memory care communities take pride in meeting state standards; however, those standards are often the minimum of adequate care. Here at Eden Memory Care, we take pride in exceeding those standards. We’ve studied evidence-based Alzheimer’s research from around the globe.

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The results have led us to partner with health care professionals and universities world-wide to design a memory care community that would be of the utmost benefit for the families and residents who choose Eden Memory Care. Providing excellent care for your loved one is something we take seriously and we do it in a warm, family-friendly environment.

Staff members have certification in their respective fields and participate in ongoing training, education and certification in best practices for dementia residents. We believe in enriching the mind, spirit and body of our residents and encouraging life-long learning of our employees to better reach that goal. The needs of our residents are always at the forefront and we are committed to contributing our best to support a higher quality of life.

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Wide-Ranging Family Support System

Our residents at Eden Memory Care lead enriched lives with opportunities for socializing, learning new things and enjoyment. However, a holistic approach to memory care must include loved ones. An important part of Eden Memory Care’s design is providing support for families. We understand how challenging and emotionally troubling life can be for those who have a loved one living with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

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Becoming educated about dementia, learning more about what to expect and what not to expect, how to have positive interactions, what limitations may be present, etc. all work together to produce a more realistic outlook and better relationships. We provide information, education and support for our residents’ families.

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You can trust that your loved one is in good hands with Eden Memory Care team members.

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