About Us

About Us

We are a team passionate about serving those who have Alzheimer’s disease or other memory loss related conditions. This focus allows us to provide our residents and their families an unparalleled level of care. We put each resident’s individual needs at the center of everything we do.

Senior Living Memory Care Cypress, Texas

Our Vision Section

Our Vision

The founders envisioned a place where the latest in memory care research and technology was applied providing a caring and safe environment. A place where individualized care plans promote an environment for socialization, education and healthy aging while allowing residents to function at their highest potential. A place where families are provided support, training and education.

Our Mission

We seek to provide the highest quality care to those coping with memory loss by offering an intimate, caring environment tailored to each individual’s needs.

Core Values

Resident Centered Care

Resident directed care is at the core of everything we do and our goal is to exceed our residents’ needs through the delivery of team interaction and care. Our residents and their families have options, choices, and attentive team members to assist in every situation.

Team Of Caring Professionals

It is our goal to be the employer of choice, which allows us the opportunity to select the very best employees. Our dedicated and compassionate team members are led by Executive Director – Raquel Medina. Our team understands that being cohesive in the workplace can create magic in the delivery of service in the eyes and hearts of our residents and their families. Hiring the top leaders in each respective field has given us the unparalleled ability to create programs that help nurture the current needs and future growth of each resident.

Connected To The Community

It is our common goal at Eden Memory Care to work together with local organizations to be a good community partner. Whether it is volunteering for local community programs, making dog treats for local animal shelters, raising funds for charity, we are committed to visibility and support.
Raquel Medina

Who We Are

Raquel Medina has joined our family as the Executive Director of Eden Memory Care. Her career to care for seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, began In 2010, after she decided to leave the Funeral Home industry as a Family Service Counselor after several years of service to fulfill her passion to serve the elderly population.

While working in the healthcare industry, she decided to attend Texas Health School and become a Certified Nurse Assistant. During her time as a Certified Nurse assistant, she discovered her purpose for life. For the next few years she continued her new journey and worked her way up through the ranks and became the Interim Executive Director at Autumn Leaves and Executive Director at Colonial Oaks in 2016. With this, she brings nine plus years of experience in managing Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities. She has also been a part of opening new company’s both in assisted living and in memory care.

Ms. Medina resides in Katy, TX with her husband of 21 years. Together they have 2 daughters, 1 son, 1 grandson and a granddaughter on the way. Their oldest daughter shares Raquel’s passion for seniors and is currently working towards becoming a Registered Nurse for geriatrics.

Family is important to Raquel and has noted, she couldn’t be happier with what she does for a living. The passion she has caring for seniors and their families is a profession that never stops giving and has been rewarding to her life in more ways than one.

You can email her at director@edenmemorycare.com

Raquel Medina

Professional Biography

The Result of Four Years of Research

Attending to the well-being of a family member with cognitive memory impairment can be challenging. There are good days and bad days. There are situations that bring you unspeakable joy and those in which you have no idea what to do next. Love and frustration seem to become best friends as you work to help your loved one maneuver through the murky waters of memory impairment. Necessity is the mother of invention and can spur us on to conquer our challenges, and that begins the story of the development of Eden Memory Care.

The owners of Eden Memory Care have first-hand experience searching for optimal care for a loved one with cognitive memory impairment. It was through this search that Eden Memory Care came into being. Four years of global research has created the foundation on which the memory care center was built.

Evidence-based Alzheimer’s research led to this innovative environment. After studying best practices in the care of cognitive memory impaired individuals, the owners used the information to develop a cutting-edge home-like environment. They found that partnering with healthcare professionals and universities, both foreign and domestic would provide the best resources for residents and their families.

The Optimal Memory Care Facility

The Optimal Memory Care Facility

Built from the ground up, every aspect of Eden Memory Care has been carefully designed to enhance the quality of life for residents living here and is backed by solid research. From the size of the establishment, to lighting, color of the rooms, down to foods provided and activities scheduled. The best research and technology has been utilized to create an optimal living environment for cognitive memory impaired individuals.

Studies on what constitutes a good memory care center were used to draw up the plans for Eden Memory Care. Information was drawn from sources in the United States as well as Sterling University in the UK. Scholars wrote about those things which seemed to work best for helping individuals with cognitive memory impairment and we used that research to design a center which would provide the optimum environment for these individuals.

Eden Memory Care is limited to 16 residents. Research shows that larger facilities contribute to higher anxiety levels in residents. Smaller establishments allow easy access to rooms, provide comfort for residents and are more convenient for them. A smaller, home-like environment allows for those special touches like the aroma of a good meal, easy access to social areas, and activities where everyone can participate if they choose to. It becomes like a family of 16 where budding relationships are nurtured.

The Best Of Life Experiences

The Best Of Life Experiences

Research provided the information behind our individualized care plans. These plans take into consideration the individual’s preferences, strengths and personality. They allow the individual the opportunity to function at his or her highest level. Socialization, education and healthy aging are promoted through these thoughtfully constructed plans.

Nutritional studies inform our culinary team regarding the best foods to encourage healthy aging and brain health. Our dietician and chef work together to plan custom dining experiences for each resident. Our culinary offerings are thoughtfully and carefully prepared. Meals at Eden Memory Care are enjoyable as well as nutritionally appropriate.

Recognizing the challenges families of cognitive memory impaired individuals face provided the fuel for creating support services and developing resources for family members of Eden Memory Care residents. Here families are included as part of the care provided for our residents. Our structured approach ensures the safety and general well-being of residents which gives family members the peace of mind they need to know their loved one is well cared for.