As we age, we like talking about the memories of our childhood and adulthood. However, there might be some older adults at home who might not remember the details of the events the way they happened. You might realize that they would complain of their memories fading away with time.

Memory loss is common in older people as the thinking abilities become weak with time and age. An older person may find it difficult to remember things at all. However, it is normal for older adults. But it is a cause of concern if a person faces difficulty to carry day to day activities as a result of memory loss. To identify the actual cause of the memories fading away, doctors may use an exam.

Is it really a Memory loss?

People forget to do many things regularly; however, the condition cannot be categorized as an impairment of memory. But the early stages may seem similar to normal memory loss.

The following signs that help you distinguish an impairment from a normal forgetfulness;

  • The person suffering from impairment does not realize it himself/herself
  • he/she may repeatedly ask the same question
  • the person would frequently lose personal belongings
  • A routine task may seem a challenge
  • Any new learning may seem difficult

How to manage the fading memories

When you find your loved ones memories fading away, it is good to seek medical help. However, a gradual memory loss may occur with age and it may be challenging to reverse it. Such people may be given therapy, so they may continue to live a healthy life.

Eden memory care takes care of all such people who have difficulty in remembering even their daily tasks. We provide a safe place where people would not worry even if they forget their own names.