Many elderly people in this world need someone’s help for daily activities- specifically, those people who have a memory problem. Those who have dementia or Alzheimer’s end up having an assisted living or memory care facilities. If you also have an elderly person at home and are confused between the two, then let’s discuss the difference between assisted living vs memory care.

Assisted living vs Memory Care: The Difference 

Though assisted living and memory care may seem similar to people, in reality, they are different. Memory care is more suitable for people who have progressive memory impairment. Such patients have their own specific needs. Some may feel disoriented, and some may lose their way home and may go away to other places.

The team at memory care has the expertise to take care of such patients and to understand their needs.

How do these overlap?

Even if these two are different, these overlap. Many assisted living facilities also offer memory care services. Such services are also known as life plan communities.

Some people select the facilities that provide both. Your loved ones might not yet need memory care, but still, it is wise to select both the options together because they might need it in the future.

Which option is better for you?

Those elderly members who are independent but need help in their daily activities for them assisted living is a good option. However, those who have memory impairment but are healthy, happy, and safe can choose memory care.

If you have an elderly member at your home who is suffering from Alzheimer’s or Dementia, bring them to Eden Memory Care. Our staff will take good care of them as they are expert in dealing with such patients. Call us on (281)-935-9115 if you wish to get any further details.