Toys are generally linked with children. But they are equally useful for dementia patients. People with memory loss can have anxiety and nervousness and would show signs of restlessness. They may pull or rub anything that they usually see, the side of the bedding or even clothes, for instance. Bringing toys for dementia patients could be a good way to help them with anxiety. The touch-based activities can keep them involved. They can provide them with comfort and help ease their nervousness effectively.

Choosing safe toys for dementia patients

Toys can be ideal gifts for people with dementia because these will keep them calm and comforted. However, no one should gift them small toys as there is a possibility of them taking it in their mouths. Since these patients go through the same developmental stages as a child they need special attention.

Sensory Toys

Some toys to increase their sensory processing would be great. These can include wooden lacing beads or a spiky massage ball. Along with providing comfort to the tissues, a spiky massage ball or playable art ball can help in diverting their attention elsewhere.

Knitting and crochet tools

If your grandmother used to knit, then it would be nice and thoughtful of you to gift her a knitting and crochet tool kit. It will be soothing and relaxing for her. Performing an activity repetitively that one used to do before falling in dementia can help them with their memory too.

In the end, it’s all about the effort one puts for his/her loved ones. It’s the love hidden behind the toys that matter the most. Gifting things to keep dementia patients busy can help with their disease and is the best way to showcase your love. Eden Memory Care does the same for your loved ones. Call us today on (281) 935-9115 to confirm.