Memory is an important part of our everyday life. Memory helps us remember fond times. Memory helps us realize life is too short to waste time on little things. Although our memory is a vital resource, many of us are not so sure how we can make sure nothing can take away the “treasure” we have been given. Unfortunately, this leads many of us to be affected by memory loss. Many of our loved ones may suffer from illnesses such as Alzheimer’s or other memory illnesses. While it is hard to accept, our loved ones need care that will help ensure they can continue their lives even with a forever-going challenge. For that, we recommend sending your loved ones over to Eden Memory Care. Our state of the art facility helps to ensure that your loved one can have a serene and joyful life even with dreadful illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

For those that still have a possibility, there are several ways to help reduce the uncertainty of dissipating your memory, such as:

Sleeping for a proper amount of time

While this may seem a tad vague, and obvious, this has been proven to help increase memory dramatically. Research has shown that a lack of sleep has led to a significant drop in recalling important facts. Memory consolidation, a process that helps short term memories mold into long-term memories, is heavily affected by your sleep. Getting a proper amount of sleep can help to ensure that your brain has time to let short-term memories move into becoming something that can be remembered forever. You might even see that when you go to sleep memorizing something, you remember it much better the next day! An optimum amount of sleep for adults is seven to nine hours of sleep.


This has also been shown to improve memory for many individuals. Not only does it improve memory, but the relaxing effect of it has shown to decrease stress and tension, and even blood pressure levels for many individuals. The main thing with Meditation is that it helps increase gray matter in your brain. Gray matter includes neuron cell bodies that help to strengthen memory. Being super efficient in improving memory, the side effects are also a plus to choosing meditation to help enhance memory.

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