As you can see from part 1 and part 2, memory is an extremely vital part of our life! It allows us to enjoy joyful moments and enables us to remember fond times. Even though it also causes us to remember the worst of things, the pros can easily outweigh the cons. Like last time, we will discuss important things you can do to help improve your memory. If you or a loved one has experienced memory loss and or faces Alzheimer’s, it is necessary to get to a care facility that wants to help take care of those that you care about. Eden Memory care will help ensure your loved ones can continue to live a prosperous life even if they are having to fight a challenge they can no longer easily cure or treat. For those that have been lucky and not affected, let us take a look at something you can do to help improve your memory!

2 things that have been proven to increase the chance of remembering information:

Maintaining a healthy weight

  • This is extremely important not only for your memory but for your body itself. Obesity can lead to many diseases and illnesses that only occur because of being overweight! There have been many studies that have proven that obesity is a factor of cognitive decline. Obesity also leads to a decline in resistance to insulin and inflammation, causing your brain to be impacted heavily. Ensure you are exercising and eating the right foods to help decrease the chance of losing your memory!

Decrease consumption of alcohol

  • This one might seem a bit difficult, but everything in life that can lead us to good things can require us to have to walk on a rocky road. Too much consumption of alcohol can lead to your blood levels to increase to .08g per ml or above. This can alter the brain and result in memory deficits. Alcohol also exhibits neurotoxic effects on the brain, too much can affect the hippocampus, a part that is vital to your memory!

While these may seem a bit difficult, taking these steps can help to ensure a better and brighter future for you and your families. If you do have a loved one who is in need of care, contact us today at 281-935-9115 or visit us at We are here to serve our community and help bring joy to anyone who is in need of it! Stay safe and healthy.