Remembering and doing things regularly without even thinking about them is no special act for many of us. But what if you start losing your memory? Will things be the same for you and the people around you?

Seeing a loved one lose memory can be difficult as it affects both the person with the condition and the people around them. A lost memory can affect people emotionally and make them upset about their own life. They may withdraw from different situations or lose interest in the things they enjoy. Certain people may also lose self-confidence and avoid facing people. There are several memory loss treatments, but the best support is to be aware of the feelings of your loved one. When you notice memory loss symptoms, the following can help:

  • Sudden memory loss can be depressing for people. Talking can be the best way to manage their feelings. Encourage the person to share with you what they feel and what can help them. They can talk about things that disturb them, and together you can think of ways to manage them.
  • Supporting a person doing daily routine tasks can help them gain their confidence again. If the person has stopped doing certain things, encourage them to start doing those activities again.
  • Encourage the person to spend time with others and also participate in meaningful activities.
  • If your loved one is frustrated about a certain discussion, it is best to divert his/her attention by bringing up a new topic of discussion.
  • If the person forgets recent conversation, avoid telling them that they already know about the conversation.
  • Setting up routines can make it easy for the person to remember what they have to do during the day.

Losing memory can be frustrating for your loved one. Therefore, you must support a person emotionally and understand their feeling. If you are facing challenges helping a person with long term memory loss, bring them to Eden Memory Care, and our team will take care of everything. Before you visit, you can also call us on (281) 935-9115 to know the details.