Early Warning Signs of Dementia

Memory loss is a complex condition that can manifest in a number of different ways. It can be difficult to tell if your loved one is exhibiting the early warning signs of dementia, especially because many seniors try to hide their symptoms from those around them. If you notice these subtle changes in your loved one, talk to a healthcare provider. They may be early signs of dementia.

Mood and Behavioral Changes

Changes in a loved one’s mood are often the first indication that there could be a problem. Because dementia impairs judgment, people with the condition may act in ways that seem incongruent with their regular personality. They may become depressed, emotionally flat, or apathetic. Conversely, they may become more outgoing. Any shift in personality is a good reason to call a doctor.

Difficulty Telling and Following Stories

Sharing stories is a great way to bond with loved ones. But if you notice a person has been repeating the same stories or has problems following the details of your stories, they may be struggling with their memory. In addition to repeating stories, a loved one might have problems choosing the correct words or finding the point when they speak.

Problems Following Directions

Spatial problems are a common early sign of dementia. If your loved one begins finding it difficult to locate familiar places or objects, or if they have trouble recognizing landmarks, they might have an issue with their memory.

Regardless of the signs, a doctor will be able to evaluate your loved one and create a course of action. While it can be scary to talk about a friend or family member’s memory loss, working with a doctor is the best way to help your loved one.