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Every employee in our Culinary Department is trained specifically to recognize the needs of the individuals in our care which allows us to provide a custom dining experience for each person. Our dietitian along with our executive chef, designs all meals to be enjoyable and nutritionally appropriate.

Our smaller intimate size allows residents to participate in meal prep and service. This daily activity creates a sense of belonging and it mimics the activities they performed in their own homes. It also builds a sense of community. The residents enjoy the opportunity to help and be of service to their fellow residents.

Culinary Department

Nutrition Designed for Healthy Aging

We offer three well-balanced, healthy gourmet meals daily. Our dietician and Chef take into consideration the dietary needs of each resident when developing meal plans. Foods are chosen with several factors in mind. Not only do we choose those foods known to promote healthy aging and brain function, we also take into consideration the color and texture of the foods we serve. Our gardens provide fresh seasonal produce for meals at Eden Memory Care as well as beauty.

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Nourishing supplements and snacks are provided between meals. This is particularly important for those who eat very small portions at mealtime. Junk food contributes to obesity, mental fog and a host of other troublesome symptoms. We provide our residents with healthy choices at meals and between meals. The foods we serve nourish body and brain in support of optimum health and well-being. Older adults often have special dietary requirements and those needs are always met at Eden Memory Care in Cypress, TX.

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Culinary Department

Meals Are a Social Event

At Eden Memory Care, meals aren’t only an opportunity to eat, they are also an opportunity to socialize and nurture relationships while nourishing the body. Our residents look forward to meals as they are an important part of daily life here. Family members are invited to share a meal with their loved one. Join us and experience the tasty culinary delights we provide for our residents.

If you desire to celebrate a special occasion with your loved one, we have an exclusive room set aside for those events. Let us know so we can make plans and reserve the area for your family. Gathering together around a meal is a wonderful way to add spark and enjoyment to your loved one’s life. You’ll enjoy celebrating at Eden Memory Care and you won’t have to bother cooking or cleaning up afterwards. Come relax and enjoy your time with your loved one.