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Our residents deserve activities that provide a higher standard of living. Too often the elderly become marginalized and when they are experiencing cognitive memory impairment, it often becomes worse. You want your loved one in an environment that not only helps them maintain the best of who they are for as long as possible, but you also want a place where he or she can thrive with excellent care, new experiences and meaningful relationships. That is what we offer at Eden Memory Care.

We’ve created a sense of family here and our residents enjoy doing the things that families do together. Our full-life activities, like everything else here, are based on research. These activities have been shown to have positive effects on individuals with cognitive memory impairment.

Full life activities

Momentous Celebrations

We encourage family members to celebrate with us when possible those special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. Celebrations are a time for fun and sharing joy. Our residents enjoy the festive atmosphere we create and everyone who wishes to takes part in the activities.

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Music and Art Therapy

Eden provides specialized care plans for each resident in accordance with the individual’s specific needs. Music and art therapy sessions are available for those who are so inclined. These opportunities for personalized engagement provide mental stimulation as well as socialization. More importantly, these sessions also allow for self-expression. Both are therapeutic even in advanced stages of dementia.

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Music is a powerful stimulus providing a calming effect on many individuals in the middle stages of dementia. During this time, agitation is common and music has been shown to improve behaviors. People can connect through music even in the later stages of dementia.

Art projects help individuals feel a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Art is also a way in which people can express themselves. Our art projects are explorations in creativity. We provide safe materials and participants create at their own pace.

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Movie Nights

Residents have an opportunity to enjoy a movie with their friends on movie night. Movies are actually a great way to stir positive memories in those with dementia. These positive memories can lead to good feelings. People with dementia can make links between particular movies and their memories. Sometimes movies can spark conversations about great times in the past. Movie night has many benefits for our residents and the movies we offer have been carefully selected.

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This is one of our most rewarding activities. Eden provides raised planting beds for the convenience of our residents. They are easily able to access the beautiful flowers and vegetables grown here. Gardening is a hobby many of our residents enjoyed when they lived independently. They can continue enjoying their hobby here. But this is more than just an enjoyable hobby for garden enthusiasts. For the individual living with dementia, gardening is therapeutic. Not only does it get people outside and into the fresh air, it also provides gentle exercise and mental health benefits. Activities that engage the senses provide positive emotions for those with dementia. Gardening can help people access happy memories and bring back feelings of health and well-being. It can also help boost energy levels and lead to better sleep.

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Our garden area also has a pathway through it for strolling along. Rocking chairs are located in the patio area for rest and relaxation after the gardens have been tended, or any time. Our gardens at Eden Memory Care provide many benefits for our residents.

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Elderly Social Club at Cypress Texas

Social Club

Living with dementia can cause individuals to feel isolated and consequently opportunities for socialization diminish. In order to promote healthy socialization, our residents are invited to join the social club. This give residents an opportunity to interact with each other, share memories and stories and catch up on the news that’s of interest to them. Many of our residents enjoy sharing time with one another and our social club provides the perfect setting for groups to get together for enjoyment. Your loved one does not need feel isolated or out of touch with others. The social club at Eden provides healthy, lively interaction.

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Spiritual Engagement

Attending to the spiritual needs of an individual with dementia can often go overlooked when there are so many other pressing issues that need attention. This can lead to a person experiencing spiritual distress. At Eden Memory Care in Cypress TX, we take a holistic approach with our residents including caring for their spiritual needs. We provide opportunities for individuals to nurture their spirits through spiritual engagement.

Quality of life is enhanced with spiritual engagement. Spirituality is often used by individuals as a means to cope with their condition and it brings comfort and sometimes meaning to a life disrupted by memory impairment. Nurturing a person’s spirituality can enhance feelings of hope, reassurance and peace.

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It also has the added benefits of helping to:

  • Improve sleep
  • Promote relaxation
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Sharpen the mind
  • Make healthier decisions
  • Let go of real/perceived wrongs and forgive others

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Family Involvement

Our doors are open to family members also. If you would like to participate in an activity with your loved one, just let us know. We also encourage family members to take time out to eat a meal with your loved one when time permits. Involvement of other family members in activities and daily life at Eden enhances the quality of life here. It also gives our residents the opportunity to share their successes and accomplishments.