At Eden Memory Care, we pay attention to all the details to make sure our residents are as comfortable as possible. That includes painting the walls of bedrooms blue to promote feelings of serenity and peace while reducing confusion.

But what is it about color that affects the way we feel? Here’s a quick look at how important color is to your mood, no matter what age you may be.

A Powerful Means of Communication

You might not give much thought to the colors that surround you, but they are very powerful. Colors can influence not only your mood but also your body. Colors can increase your metabolism and, in some instances, even increase your blood pressure.

These are a few of the more common colors and how they can impact your feelings.

  • Green – Green has been linked to creative thinking. That’s one of the reasons you’ll often find the walls of offices and art studios painted in this color.
  • Red – You’ve obviously heard of the phrase, “seeing red.” Well, there’s a reason for that. It can impair your ability to think analytically, leading you to make decisions based more on emotion than rationality. It can, however, have some positive effects. Red walls often inspire strength.
  • Blue – As we covered earlier, blue promotes feelings of serenity and peace. It also inspires feelings of security and trust.

The experts with Eden Memory Care are passionate about our residents. We work hard to keep them inspired and engaged. Learn more about what we have to offer by contacting us online or calling (281) 935-9115.