Just about everybody has a favorite song that brings back great memories. That’s the case for everyone – whether or not they have a cognitive issue such as dementia. Here’s some information on how music might just help people suffering from this type of problem

Impressive Benefits

People with cognitive loss often have difficulty doing the most basic things – they can often find it nearly impossible to express their thoughts. Some even have trouble being able to name a common utensil such as a fork. But those with the most severe cognition issues can often remember the lyrics to a favorite song.

Researchers have found that music could help people with Alzheimer’s disease retain information longer than they normally can. A study found that people with this issue were able to learn lyrics to songs when they were set to music. These findings could eventually help other scientists determine how the brains of older people process music, and how music-related memory is different from spoken-word memory.

The scientific community accepts the fact that music has a therapeutic value. It’s accepted to such a high level that health insurance will often cover music therapy.

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