More than likely you’ve heard that working on puzzles, such as crosswords, jigsaw puzzles and the like, can help keep your mind sharp. But why is this the case? It turns out that puzzles can help in several different ways.

Memory Benefits

When you work to solve a puzzle, that helps strengthen the connections between the cells in the brain – strengthening our ability to remember things in the process. Jigsaw puzzles are particularly good for short-term memory. You have to remember the different colors and shapes of the pieces while always keeping in mind how they will ultimately all fit together.

Problem-Solving Benefits

A puzzle requires you to be able to think critically. Since they involve a lot of trial and error, they force you to try different methods to see what will and will not work. When one approach doesn’t work, you need to change your plan in order to meet the final objective – solving the puzzle.

Reducing Stress

When you’re mind is in “puzzle mode,” so to speak, it moves from an alert state to one that is more serene. It’s actually closer to dreaming. This peaceful state will help take you away from any sources of stress that might be bothering you – and brighten your mood as a result.

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