“You never remember anything”. “Stop asking me the same question over and over again”. “Why don’t you understand anything the first time.” These are unfortunate, but true statements that Alzheimer patients have to deal with on a daily basis. Its understandable; repeating something over and over again is frustrating and relentless. It’s like a school teacher teaching her students how to add one plus one repetitively because her dear students continue to forget. Even though it is tiring, families with Alzahemiar patients need to be able to deal with their loved ones, as Alzaheiar patients need their family members to support them through their illness. While there is no treatment for Alhemrias, there are many ways loved ones can adapt to this abiding illness:

 1. Breathing in and out:

-While this may seem basic, it is extremely effective in relieving stress and anger. For instance, if you are asked the time multiple times, and you just want to yell at your loved one, breath in for a good second and out for another good second. This will allow your body to cool down and analyze whether it is worth screaming at someone who is in eternal pain.

2. Splash water on your face:

-If you have ever jumped into a pool and a nice summer day, you know how refreshing it is to be in crisp water. While you don’t always have to jump into the pool, splashing water on your face when your loved one continuously asks you the same thing will allow your mind to become tranquil, allowing you once again to realize that it is not worth scolding someone who has a long-term illness they can not control.

While these are just a few steps, there are many more steps that can be taken, such as running, walking, and even just exercising when you feel a burst of anger warning to come out on your loved one. The struggle for Alzhameira patients, unfortunately, is extremely tragic, and hopefully, a treatment comes out soon. Till then, it is necessary to keep calm and be sentimental with those who suffer from this dread.