The best thing humans have is the ability to recall certain things. We can remember fond times which made us laugh and feel good. We can also, unfortunately, remember dreadful times that may cause us to cry and feel sad when no one is looking. Even though there is a good and bad side to memory, the ability itself is something that no one wants to lose, and you shouldn’t have to lose it. Just like we did in part 1, we will look at different ways to help improve memory and ensure you can keep your “superpower” for years to come.

1. Decrease the amount of consumed sugar you are taking in

Cognitive decline, chronic diseases, and other health issues have been linked when an individual eats too much sugar. A sugar-filled diet, according to tons of research, has been linked to having a poor memory and a reduced brain volume. It has been shown that it affects a part of the brain that stores short-term memory.

Cutting back on sugary-filled treats can not only improve your memory, but it can also improve your overall health. So, even though most of us love to indulge in a caramel chocolate Sunday, we have to make sure we understand the consequences that will follow once we finish the delicious treat.

2. Decrease the amount of alcohol you consume

Drinking an ample amount of alcoholic beverages can be extremely detrimental to your health. It can also impact your memory. There has been a pattern seen in people who drink way too much alcohol. “What is the pattern”, you may be wondering? When one consumes too much alcohol, it has lead to an increase in blood levels to around 0.08 grams per ml, sometimes even higher. Many studies have confirmed that this can lead to brain alteration, which in turn can lead to memory loss.

When one drinks alcohol, there is a neurotoxic effect that is released inside the person drinking it. Drinking too much alcohol repeatedly can negatively affect the hippocampus. The hippocampus is a part of your brain that plays a huge role in keeping your memory.

Does this mean you can not drink? Of course not! Drinking a couple of drinks is fine once in a while. Drinking too much is what you should avoid in order to help protect your memory.

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