For Alzheimer’s or dementia patients, it can even become difficult to carry out daily routine tasks. However, the feeling of being successful is still very important for seniors. For this reason, planning failure-free tasks for your loved ones is necessary to lit up their mood as they will always be successful in completing them.

When dementia patients engage in such activities, it reduces their anger, depression, and anxiety. Relaxation in these factors can eventually result in a lower intake of medication and improved patient health.

To keep your grandfather or granny busy and help them feel successful, we have a list of 5 amazing activities.

Five activities to keep dementia patients busy

1. Fabric Sorting

This activity can be a mood lifter for anyone, especially for ones who used to love sewing or fabric crafts. Take a plastic or cardboard box and fill it with hundreds of pieces of mixed fabric. Try to make the collection colorful, having various textures like wool, cotton, silk, etc.

Ask your older adult to sort the pieces, maybe color or texture-wise. We are sure they will enjoy it.

2. Towel Folding

Asking your older adult to help you with laundry folding is a great way to keep them occupied. On successful folding, they will feel they contribute to the house chores, which will make them happy. It’s good to use hand towels since they are small and don’t require much effort.

3. Make up a puzzle game

Take your elder’s favorite family or personal photo and turn it into a puzzle. To do that, laminate the photo and cut it into 4-5 puzzle shaped pieces that your older adult can easily place together. You can also use the picture of their favorite animal or fruit.

4. Memory box

Creating a memory box for your loved one can help them connect to their past memories and hobbies. Take a box and fill it with items or pictures they once used during their work or studies. For example, if the person was used to enjoy baking, put measuring spoons, a spatula, and other related items. This can be handy for any field or hobby. Just make sure the objects are not too sharp or heavy.

5. Cut pictures from old newspapers or magazines

Seniors might like flipping through old newspapers or magazines and cutting the pictures they love. Gift them a scrapbook so they can paste their favorite cuttings and enjoy their collection.

These are just a very few activities that can help dementia patients feel occupied and happy. There are many more you can add along with your love for them.

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