The more engaged you stay as you get older, the better it appears it will be for the health of your brain. Whether you choose to volunteer, keep a network of friends and family, or just continue to pursue your favorite hobby, keeping active will very likely make you feel not only healthier but happier as well.

Try Something New

Activities such as reading books and magazines, taking up a new hobby or playing games haven’t been proven to help prevent any sort of cognitive impairment. But there is some research that indicates it could help the brain adapt better to changes caused by age.

There is some evidence that taking up a new hobby could help with memory issues. Researchers conducting a study found that older people who learned a new hobby, such as photography or quilting, showed greater improvement in memory than people who participated in activities that weren’t as demanding on the brain.

The Benefits of Training

The phrase “you’re never too old to learn” is more than a cliché. There is solid scientific evidence that it’s a fact. In one extensive study, adults age 65 and older took part in several training sessions involving reasoning, memory and their ability to process information. According to the results, the participants showed substantial improvement in their mental skills. These improvements lasted a decade or more.

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