It is heartbreaking to see your loved ones losing their memory because of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Such patients need special care and attention from the people around them. Though there is no cure for this type of memory loss, however, certain gifts for people with dementia who are in their early stages may help improve their functionality of the daily routine.

Family photo album

As the effects of dementia increase, it becomes difficult for them to remember the names and faces of their relatives as well. A family photo album proves helpful in such a situation. By looking at the photos, the patients can stay familiar with the faces of their loved ones and be at ease when they are around. It is essential to label the pictures, so it becomes easy for the patient to relate the pictures to the names and relationships.

Activity books

An activity book may seem odd to give as a gift to an adult. But such gifts for patients with dementia prove helpful in keeping them busy. For example, a coloring book is a good source of relaxation and provides mental stimulation. What needs to be taken care of is that the coloring book should be that of an adult and not of a child.

Brain games

Just like other adults, dementia patients also like brain games that can be a bit challenging. Such patients enjoy keeping their brain active by solving various crossword puzzles, jigsaw, word-finding. These games also keep them busy, and therefore they do not feel isolated when people are not around them.

Favorite music, movie, and book

Dementia patients become relaxed and happy when they watch, hear, or read their favorite old movies, songs, and books. Giving them a book that they enjoy the most or playing their favorite music can bring happiness to them. An excellent collection of old songs and movies may help them revisit their memories.

Receiving gifts is always a happy feeling. Therefore, when dementia patients receive gifts, they feel comfortable and relaxed that people in the surrounding care for them. The same attention is given by Eden Memory Care, where the patients are not treated as patients. Instead, they are considered family members. If any of your loved ones has also is suffering from dementia and needs a caring place, call us on (281) 935-9115 or visit our office in Cypress, Texas.