Memory disorders have a deep impact on a person’s life as these affect the abilities to think, reason, make decisions, and communicate. These disorders are caused by factors such as aging, trauma, heart disease, brain tumor, deficiency of vitamins, narrowing of arteries in the brain, or due to hereditary factors. There can be various types of memory disorders, and each one has its own effects on the life of people.

Various Types of memory disorders


This is one of the diseases that occur to people in old age. But it can also happen at the early age of 40. When the condition becomes worse, it can lead to Dementia. It is one of the diseases that are progressive and grows with time. It is one of the leading causes of death in the US.

This disorder brings many changes to the nervous system. Some nerves tangle with each other because of which their connection becomes loose. The major risk factor is age; however, other factors include diabetes, high blood pressure, and brain injury.

Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

It is a stage between healthy thinking and Dementia. Those who get affected by it face difficulties with remembering things, using language, and even while making decisions. Also, people suffering from it would develop Alzheimer’s. Factors like high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure may also lead to MCI.


This is not a single disorder; instead, it is a group of brain conditions that make it difficult for the person to think, reason, and communicate. The most common form in which this disorder becomes visible is Alzheimer’s. It is not a normal part of aging; rather it occurs when brain cells become weak.

The symptoms are memory loss even while doing familiar and routine tasks, language problems, having difficulty while planning, organizing, and making judgments.

People with memory loss need special attention and care. It might not be possible to take all the necessary care of people with a memory disorder. However, Eden Memory Care takes complete care of all such people and ensure that they receive the attention they deserve. If any of your loved ones is also having any memory disorder, bring them to us or call us on 281-935-9115