Alzheimer’s or dementia is a result of changes in the brain due to a disease. It leads to a loss of memory and other activities such as speaking, thinking, and judgment. This disease hampers a person’s ability to lead a regular life. Alzheimer’s patients, along with losing memory, may also suffer from many other problems, and one of those is Itching. It is tough to say that Itching and Alzheimer’s go hand in hand. However, only when accompanied by other symptoms of Alzheimer’s, one may detect that itching is a symptom of Alzheimer’s.

Reasons for Itching

As people get older, their skin starts to become thin. As a result, the skin begins holding less moisture. Because of skin thinning and it retaining less moisture, the skin becomes dry, which often makes it harsh and irritated, leading to it becoming itchy. Harsh soaps also add to the same problem. Even if people bathe too often or with hard water, their skin becomes dry. The use of a good moisturizer may help to a certain degree.


Alzheimer’s is not just occasional forgetfulness. People who begin to suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia often forget the tiniest things like how they felt minutes go. When their skin itches, they scratch it till the point that it starts bleeding. They must be reminded and stopped from scratching themselves too hard.

Itching and Alzheimer’s may not go hand in hand with your loved one, but if they are suffering from the disorder, seeing them suffer like this can be a heart-wrenching sight. However, even if they forget things, they still want your love and care. Eden Memory Care takes care of all such patients and makes them feel that they are wanted in other people’s lives. If any of your loved ones is also suffering from this heartbreaking disease, you can call us on 2819359115 and inquire about ways we take care of such patients.