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Utilizing the latest in memory-care design and technology, we’ve created a home-like atmosphere that is safe and secure. Eden Memory Care was built from the ground up, designed from research based best practices for providing the optimum living environment for people with cognitive memory impairment.

Floor Plan
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Safe and Secure Environment

Safety is always a paramount concern with individuals living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Our community provides a safe and secure living experience for residents. An access control device is installed at all exit doors. This prevents the wandering that is so common among this population. The door automatically unlock in the event of a fire or emergency. Family members receive a key card permitting access to the community any time of the day or night.

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The surveillance systems throughout the interior and exterior areas of the building monitor the movement of each resident ensuring their safety. Out of respect for privacy bedrooms are not monitored.

Falls are common among the elderly so we have safeguards to prevent or detect possible accidents. Handrails are located along corridor walls and non-skid flooring helps prevent falls. Motion sensors in each room provide another layer of safety along with sensors on beds and wheelchairs if necessary. These extra layers of protection allow staff to be notified immediately if a resident should fall. Call buttons are handily placed in each room in the event a staff person is needed or if there is an emergency.

Other safety precautions include an extensive sprinkler system throughout the building. All rooms including bathroom and closets have sprinklers as well as the common areas. In the event of a power failure, Eden Memory Care has a backup generator.

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The Atmosphere of Home

Living in a safe and secure environment doesn’t necessarily make it feel like home. Our other features create a home-like feeling for our residents. An abundance of large windows create a light, airy feeling. Color is used to help residents feel relaxed and comfortable. Since loud noises can be irritating to individuals with dementia, the materials used at Eden Memory Care in Cypress TX reduce noise levels.

A spacious private bedroom is provided for each resident. Bedroom walls are painted blue to promote a sense of peace and serenity. Blue has been shown to decrease confusion and increase concentration. A large window provides soft, natural light and non-skid flooring makes helps prevent accidental falls.

Eden Memory Care at Cypress Texas

Personalized Care

Daily housekeeping and laundry services help keep your loved one’s area neat and clean. It also provides a level of safety since belongings do not pile up on the floor creating opportunities for individuals to trip and fall. Keeping the environment organized and clutter-free also helps diminish feelings of confusion.

24-hour security and staff availability provides for a safe and secure environment. Our security measures ensure that residents do not wander away from the grounds, while maintaining their sense of independence. Our constant staff availability allows residents to call a staff member when something is needed or when an emergency arises. Our smaller size also means that help is immediately available.

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Arrangement for transportation to medical and dental appointments is available for our residents. We believe in helping our residents maintain a high level of health so regular dental and physical checkups are encouraged. We also use sophisticated software to track, monitor and archive Electronic Health Records (EHR), Medical Administration Records (EMAR), risk management and Point of Care. Designated family members are always kept in the loop regarding the health of their loved one.

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Gardens of Eden

The Gardens of Eden

As our name implies, we provide a beautiful garden setting for our residents inside and out. Inside, we have beautiful wall murals depicting the garden of Eden. Large windows, a high ceiling and a beautiful skylight in the center of the building deliver an outdoorsy feeling.

Outside, gardens and walking paths are available for residents allowing for easy exercise and a pleasant environment that feels like home. Individuals with memory impairment can become confused when they reach a dead-end and have trouble figuring out which way to go. Our figure eight garden path avoids that problem. All paths lead you back to your starting position.