Memory care and assisted living facilities, are two of the most popular choices in senior care today. If you are looking for residential senior care for your loved one, you have options. There is more variety in senior care today than ever before, allowing families to choose the living experience that is right for them. Read on to learn the difference between memory care and assisted living facilities.

Both Environments Provide Assistance

Assisted living and memory care facilities both provide residents with the professional assistance in a comfortable home-like environment. While the amenities vary from place to place, most environments offer 24-hour emergency care, in-house medical assistance, and community enrichment programs.

Specialized Care for Memory Loss

Unlike assisted living facilities, which are designed to provide general care to seniors, memory loss centers are specifically designed to address the needs of people living with dementia (including Alzheimer’s) and other memory loss conditions. Not only are the staff members specially trained to care for people with these conditions, but the facilities themselves are designed to increases daily comfort for people with memory loss. Because it can be scary and disorienting, sufferers will find greater comfort when surrounded by experts.

What makes us different?

At Eden Memory Care, we help people experiencing memory loss live a safe, comfortable, and full life. Our dedicated staff uses cutting-edge technology and the latest memory care research to provide specialized care to your loved ones. If someone in your life is dealing with it and need memory care, call Eden Memory Care at 281-935-9115 to discuss your options or contact us.