Many tend to wonder how metformin and dementia are related. Metformin is a popular prescription that helps treat Type ll diabetes. It helps decrease the amount of sugar that is present in your blood. Ever since it has hit the market, there have been many myths about metformin and dementia being connected. Today, we will take a glimpse at the link between metformin and dementia and whether there is even a connection between the two.

What exactly is dementia?

Dementia is described as illnesses and diseases that relate to memory loss and challenges with thinking and speaking. A perfect example of dementia is Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disease and is the most common cause of dementia. In addition, it works by destroying the nerve cells in the brain. It may be a surprise, but another well-known condition that can cause incident dementia is Parkinson’s disease.

Wait, so is there a link between metformin and dementia?

In short, yes. Many studies have shown that metformin does not cause dementia. In fact, they show that it can help lower the risk of getting dementia.

However, many studies have shown a link between diabetic and other insulin sensitizer metformin users and the occurrence of dementia. Many studies even show an increased risk of developing dementia when using metformin.

Unfortunately, current research between the link of metformin and dementia is not clear. Many more clinical trials and observations are needed before we get a set in stone answer.

Wait, so does that mean metformin can cause memory problems?

As we saw above, it isn’t clear whether metformin can cause memory problems, so there is no set answer. However, many doctors recommend using metformin as a treatment for Type ll diabetes.

Likely, it isn’t the medication that causes the problem, but rather the actual illness; diabetes. Diabetes can cause many mental health effects that can range from mild to severe cognitive impairments.

In short, we can’t reach a final conclusion until more research is done. It is evident, however, that the illness metformin treats-type ll diabetes-can cause a decreased cognitive function and even memory issues.

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