Moving from an old house to a new one can be tough. The memories, the moments, and everything you ever did will always stay at your old home. Moving from assisted living to memory care is as tough, and many things should come into mind when making the switch. Let us look at key factors that apply when deciding to move a loved one from assisted living to memory care.

What is the difference between assisted living and memory care?

Assisted living takes care of elders with various types of needs and conditions. On the other hand, memory care focuses on the requirements for elders that may have dementia. In turn, memory care is much more inclusive. Your loved one will interact with someone experienced in dealing with dementia. They will also have the opportunity to make friends with those that have dementia.

There are other vital distinctions about memory care that are present, such as:

  • A higher emphasis on safety
  • A more top proactive way for socialization and activities
  • Awareness of sensory issues
  • A team that has the expertise to deal with dementia patients

Factors that are important when deciding to make the move

It may not be easy to identify when your loved one may need to move to memory care. Moving your loved one into a new environment may cause them to feel stressed or blocked. “So how do I make the decision,” you may ask? Let us look at some of the ways:

Ask for help: Communicate with the assisted living staff to determine if your loved one needs to move to memory care. Ask if they have started to forget things, if they have mood swings, or if they aren’t as fond of activities as they were in the beginning.

Evaluate the scenario: If you currently take care of your loved one, take a moment to assess if your responsibilities have increased past your capacity. If you are frustrated, it could be because your care is not enough for the needs of your loved one.

Determine their current state: Is your loved one as happy as they use to be? If your loved one starts showing signs of depression or isolation, they may need the extra support of memory care.

Is your loved one suffering from other symptoms besides memory loss? If they have trouble making decisions, socializing, or acting correctly, they may be in need of memory care.

If you still aren’t sure if it is time to move from one “house” to the next, you have nothing to fear! Our expert staff at Eden Memory care will gladly help guide you on whether moving from assisted to living to memory care is the best way to go. We are your local memory care in Cypress, Texas, and we want to ensure your loved one is in good hands. Call us today at (281) 935-9115 or visit our website at