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Early Detection Of Alzheimer’s Disease

What is Alzheimer's disease? Alzheimer's disease, which is also known as senile dementia, is an intensifying disease that damages memory and other critical mental functions. Connections between br...

30th November, 2020

Ways Memory Loss Occurs

When we think of memory loss, we tend to believe it occurs only because of natural aging. However, many things can cause your memory to decrease besides simple aging. Let's take a look at some things ...

15th November, 2020

Is There Any Link Between Dementia And Hallucinations

Dementia can affect the brain activities of people, which can lead to odd and frightening behavior. People with dementia often experience hallucinations due to the changes in brain cells. The changes ...

30th October, 2020

How to Keep Dementia Patients Busy?

For Alzheimer's or dementia patients, it can even become difficult to carry out daily routine tasks. However, the feeling of being successful is still very important for seniors. For this reason, plan...

15th October, 2020

Metformin and Dementia, What You Need To Know

Many tend to wonder how metformin and dementia are related. Metformin is a popular prescription that helps treat Type ll diabetes. It helps decrease the amount of sugar that is present in your blood. ...

30th September, 2020

What Is Subcortical Dementia?

Subcortical dementia is a specific diagnosis that means little to most people. Like any dementia, they are not a type of welcomed diagnosis. Today, we will learn more about the condition so you can un...

15th September, 2020

Differences Between Dementia And Senile Degeneration Of The Brain

It may be difficult for one to understand the differences between dementia and senile degeneration of the brain. However, there are distinct differences! Let us look at some of the main differences be...

30th August, 2020

Losing Patience with Alzheimer patients

As humans, we suffer from many things. For example, we may suffer from quickly losing patience and not being able to keep our patience. However, whenever we take care of a loved one who may be sufferi...

15th August, 2020

Moving From Assisted Living To Memory Care

Moving from an old house to a new one can be tough. The memories, the moments, and everything you ever did will always stay at your old home. Moving from assisted living to memory care is as tough, an...

30th July, 2020

How To Improve Your Memory: Part 2

The best thing humans have is the ability to recall certain things. We can remember fond times which made us laugh and feel good. We can also, unfortunately, remember dreadful times that may cause us ...

15th July, 2020