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How to control anger and stay calm with Alzheimer patients

“You never remember anything”. “Stop asking me the same question over and over again”. “Why don’t you understand anything the first time.” These are unfortunate, but true statements that...

30th May, 2020

Top three foods that are beneficial for increasing memory

As we grow older, we tend to forget what we did in the morning, what we had for lunch, and even the time we need to attend an event. According to a recent study, 40% of people aged 65 and above have s...

15th May, 2020

Assisted living vs Memory Care: The Comparison

Many elderly people in this world need someone's help for daily activities- specifically, those people who have a memory problem. Those who have dementia or Alzheimer's end up having an assisted livin...

30th April, 2020

Causes of Dizziness in Elderly People

As people age, many problems start accompanying them. One of those problems is dizziness and losing their balance. When people get old, their muscles and bones become weak, and the spine starts to twi...

15th April, 2020

The Link Between Down Syndrome and Dementia

You might have heard people talking about their children with Down syndrome becoming restless. But what exactly it is and how does it affect people? Down syndrome is known as a leading genetic problem...

20th March, 2020

Should Toys be given to Alzheimer’s Patients

We usually consider toys appropriate for kids. But does anybody know that toys are useful for Alzheimer’s patients also? Toys give a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment to the kids, and these do t...

15th March, 2020

Impact of Memory Disorders on a Person’s Life

Memory disorders have a deep impact on a person’s life as these affect the abilities to think, reason, make decisions, and communicate. These disorders are caused by factors such as aging, trauma, h...

29th February, 2020

Does Memory Loss Affect People Emotionally?

Remembering and doing things regularly without even thinking about them is no special act for many of us. But what if you start losing your memory? Will things be the same for you and the people aroun...

15th February, 2020

Itching and Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s or dementia is a result of changes in the brain due to a disease. It leads to a loss of memory and other activities such as speaking, thinking, and judgment. This disease hampers a perso...

30th January, 2020

Ideal Gifts for Dementia Patients

It is heartbreaking to see your loved ones losing their memory because of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Such patients need special care and attention from the people around them. Though there is no cure ...

15th January, 2020