We usually consider toys appropriate for kids. But does anybody know that toys are useful for Alzheimer’s patients also? Toys give a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment to the kids, and these do the same for Alzheimer’s patients as well. The toys given to such patients are not much different from the toys of the kids.

Why give toys to Alzheimer’s patients?

Toys add interest to these patient’s life. However, the toys should be chosen wisely for the patients. As age-appropriate toys are chosen for the kids, in the same way, these need to be selected for Alzheimer’s patients considering their condition and progress of the disease.

How to choose a toy?

All the toys that interest the patients are suitable for them. Most of the time, the same toy serves a number of purposes. However, the manipulatives that a patient can twist and turn prove beneficial to them. The question that worries most of the people is whether toys help in the treatment of the disease. There are many studies that show the connection between playing with toys and the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients. When the activities are age-appropriate including toys, they have a profound effect on the patients.

Toys that help

Some of the materials and games that can help Alzheimer’s patients are as follows:

Box and Ball: Since this game does not involve thinking, therefore, Alzheimer’s patients can play it easily.
Play Art Ball: Play art balls are good for the psychomotor skills of the patients.
Tangle Relax Therapy: Because of repetitive hand movement Alzheimer’s patients engage in this game.

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