No matter what their cognitive state, spirituality is a critically important component to many people’s lives. It can be even more important for someone suffering from Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer’s disease or some other condition that affects the functioning of the brain. It provides them a sense of comfort, as well as a connection to they way they were before their illness developed.

How it Helps

Each person experiences spirituality differently. For those suffering from cognitive impairment, research shows that it often times helps them accept their condition. Spirituality – however you define it – can also reduce stress and bring relief from anxiety and constant worry. It also helps them maintain a positive outlook, and keeps them connected with family and friends.

There is also research that indicates spirituality could even help slow the rate of cognitive decline, and possibly even prevent memory loss. Evidence indicates that those who are involved in religious activity on a regular basis have less of a decline in memory than those who do not.

Is it because religious activities promote familiarity with the past, as well as routines that were enjoyed before illness set in? It’s possible. The reason might simply be that these activities make people feel happy, giving them the motivation to stay as healthy as they possibly can.

Whatever the reason, the evidence strongly suggests the spirituality is a positive experience for people with cognitive impairment. At Eden Memory Care, we take great pride in nurturing our residents’ spiritual needs. Contact us online or call (281) 935-9115 for more information.