One of the unfortunate truths about dementia is that some people with the disease can exhibit aggressive behavior. They’re frustrated because they can’t remember many important things, and will sometimes act out as a result. There are, however, ways to manage this type of behavior – in many cases, this can be done without the use of powerful medications.


When speaking to someone with dementia, it is often helpful to take note of how fast you’re talking, and the tone of voice you’re using. A dementia sufferer might become agitated if he or she can’t follow along with what you’re saying. Body language is also important – always maintain a posture that shows respect, as well as interest in what the person is talking about.


Music can help reduce feelings of anxiety and isolation and help reduce the risk of aggression. Music therapy can promote a sense of serenity, taking the person back to a happier time in their life.

Social Interaction

People with dementia, like everyone else, need to be around other people whenever possible. When someone feels isolated or bored, that person may be more prone to acting in an aggressive manner. That’s why interaction is so vital to someone dealing with this disease. Something as simple as a chat can help a great deal.

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