Subcortical dementia is a specific diagnosis that means little to most people. Like any dementia, they are not a type of welcomed diagnosis. Today, we will learn more about the condition so you can understand it and know what to expect from it.

What exactly is subcortical dementia?

This condition is a small vessel disease that is a certain type of vascular dementia. It is a prevalent type of dementia and occurs when blood supply to your brain starts to diminish. This is usually caused by a series of small strokes, unfortunately.

What is the difference between Alzheimer’s disease and subcortical dementia?

You may be familiar with the word Alzheimer’s. Even though both dementias affect one’s brain, they are significantly different. With subcortical dementia, there is a bit more damage to the white matter of the brain, no cerebrovascular deposits or plaques, and there is less atrophy in the hippocampus.

There are two types of subcortical dementia; however, they have many different causes. The two main types are multiple lacunar infarctions, which is related more to mini-strokes. The other type is Binswanger’s Disease, which causes more damage to the brain’s white matter due to the arteries’ hardening.

With symptoms, forgetfulness is much more severe for Alzheimer’s patients. Furthermore, those who have subcortical dementia tend to have a lot of disruption in their sleep cycle than those with Alzheimer’s.

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